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Living and Loving Life After Loss

One-on-One Coaching Services

Do you feel that you haven't been able to move forward in your life after losing a loved one or from a difficult experience? If so, as a certified grief, life coach and spiritual coach I would love the opportunity to work with you. I will help guide you on your journey and you will discover that everything you need is already within you. Happiness and success can be yours!

Namaste, Robin.

The words of some former clients...

I found Robin and she changed my life. She helped me get on with my life after my husband's suicide almost 9 years ago. I held on to the pain and remained frozen for 8 years, afraid to move out of the home he killed himself in. I was afraid to make a mistake by selling and leaving him and our dream home. With Robin's help and guidance, I was able to move forward with my life. She not only helped me with my grief but my sleeping issues, inner peace and my weight. She is easy to talk to, wise and nurturing. I will miss talking to her after being with her a year.
I highly recommend her to anyone who has survived a loss in their life. 

 Sherry W.

Robin, I cannot put into words how you have helped me through the grieving process (which as we know is never ending and constantly changing). With your insight I have the knowledge that there is no moving forward until you can remove the guilt from the grieving process. I also… with your help have realized that we all do our very best and our loved ones know that and love us for that. We must be more kind and considerate to ourselves as we would to anyone else. I admire you and your purpose in life….to help others move forward and find purpose again!

 Amy Bocian

As a certified spiritual director with 16 years of experience, I was quite impressed by the skills, compassion, knowledge, and intuitive gifts ROBIN CHODAK demonstrated as she guided me through my first coaching session with her. Robin manifested innate confidence, a deep knowledge of techniques, and the gift of knowing when and how to subtlety introduce them. I found my session to be most productive and I’m already experiencing positive results through working my goals and expanding awareness in several areas of my life.

Kathy Fontaine 
Certified Spiritual Director

Having Robin Chodak as my Life Coach is like having my very own personal cheerleader. I look forward to my weekly phone calls, when my call is over I always hang up feeling so at peace with myself and motivated to keep on the right path. Robin's voice is calming to me, she is very caring and nonjudgmental. Since I started my sessions with Robin I have become successful with my personal life wellness goals as well as my professional goals. I wake up every morning with a ritual I learned from Robin, now I live my days feeling prosperous.

Kristine Quarta

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