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How the Tango Saved My Life

love tango

When I say that the tango saved my life, you probably assume that I’m being metaphorical. But no, I mean it in a very literal way. The tango conjures some very clear images for most people: a beautiful woman wrapped in a flowing dress, wearing stilettos and embraced in the arms of a debonair man. […]

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I am Loving Life

Loving life after loss isn’t easy, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. But little by little I began to reclaim my happiness and passion for life. One of the things that I do to celebrate my ongoing recovery is to appreciate new experiences, whether it’s a trip to a place that I’ve never been, or […]

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No-Rewrite – A story of Grief


The sun brightly peeks through the window shade in my bedroom.  It must be late morning.  I lie still.  Getting get up requires more strength than I have.  It’s been days, weeks, or months.  My brain is foggy.  With great effort I pull myself out of bed and grab the crumpled clothes off the dusty […]

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