Become a Certified Grief Coach here: - Robin Chodak

Become a Certified Grief Coach here:

Have you felt that you wanted to help others with their grief, but didn’t know where to start? Robin offers you a chance to become a certified Grief Coach.

There are many grief certifications available, but this one is unique because it utilizes mindfulness as a part of the program.

Robin knows much about grief from the suicide of her husband in 2005, the loss of her 20-year-old sister to cancer, in essence the loss of her childhood since she became a mother at 16. The most recent loss of her soulmate Gerry on 9/28/19 confirmed that mindfulness grief coaches are needed. Thus, she is happy to offer you her certification program.

What you will learn:

You will learn skills that will incorporate mindfulness techniques into grief coaching.  These skills will help you in everday life and will also help you become a great coach.

  • Specific meditation techniques
  • Understand the brain and how grief affects it you, especially during grief
  • How to structure your coaching sessions

Certification steps:

  • Apply by application. Approval is required
  • Complete required modules
  • Pass a verbal and written test
  • 1-1 sessions with Robin
  • Sign a coaching agreement
  • Mailed a certificate upon completion

After taking this course you will have proven that you have achieved a measured level of knowledge within the designated time frame to be a certified Grief Coach.

Robin has expertise in coaching clients, speaking, writing books and teaching online grief courses.

See her credentials here.

Robin is owner of Robin Chodak Coaching LLC.

Price for Certification

Required purchases for learning: This program is different than most, you will learn by reading what Robin teaches in her books and her online courses along with modules and phone calls.


  •  511.11 Course modules plus coaching sessions

The following must be purchased separately as part of the course work.  Kindle books available.

Note:  Amazon and Udemy reserves the right to change the course prices slightly.


Get started by filling out this application form: