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Grief on Thanksgiving Day


Grief on Thanksgiving day can happen even when you feel grateful.  But there are times when you don’t feel that way.  Grief on Thanksgiving Day is normal if you just lost a loved one or if the day is a trigger for you.   Most people are planning their holiday meal wrapped around friends, turkey, […]

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A Dance through Grief

  Finding My Way Back to Life is Like Tango Gerry and I met tango dancing and we became avid dancers.  We had a passion for each other and for the dance.   As tango goes….at first, you think you can’t do it.  You try a few times and it seems too hard, therefore you want to […]

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Has the First Year Death Anniversary passed?

first year death

If you are like me you probably can’t believe that the first year death anniversary of your loved is near or has passed.  As the month approached I felt an energy shift. There was a palpable heaviness in the air.   It moved me to make plans and prepare for the upcoming day of sadness. I did my […]

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