Grief Healing LLC Board Members - Robin Chodak

Grief Healing LLC Board Members

Jennifer Kanacki ~ Business Strategist

Business Strategist

Jennifer has experience in the health care industry at senior levels for over 25 years. She also holds seats on two boards: Prestwick Country Club and The Crisis Center of South Suburbia which houses persons who have been battered.  The institute is honored to have Jennifer on the board. 

Rocky Grandinetti - Business Entrepreneur


Business Entrepreneur

Rocky has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.  He is the owner and operator of a personal body guard service. He brings to the institute his expertise in plant based diets and personal fitness training. Rocky is a longtime student and teacher of the "Law of Attraction."

Ellyn Vogel, LCSW


Psychotherapist, LCSW

Ellyn has her own private practice as a licensed clinical social worker.  She helps many clients transform their lives with vairious therapies.  She incorporates a combination of holistic wellness, psycho-education and evidenced-based therapies in her practice.  Ellyn is also certified by the Institute as a Grief Healing Coach.  We are happy to have her join us.

Eleanor Laser, Ph.D.

Hypnotherapist, Ph.D.

Elly brings to us her knowledge as a psychotherapist for over 30 years. She has her own private practice and is also a hypnotherapist. She has helped many people all over the world achieve rapid results with weight loss, anxiety reduction and other issues using various techniques. We are thrilled to have her aboard with us.