What Energy exists in the Grocery Store where you shop?

What Energy exists in the Grocery Store?

A lot can happen at the grocery store!

You probably wonder what this blog is about. It’s not about nutritious eating or reading food labels on food packages or determining if it is a non-gmo item. There are enough blogs about healthy eating. This is about becoming aware of what’s happening around you while you’re in the grocery store.

I have several stories I could tell, but let me mention one that happened to me recently as I stood in line at the self-checkout. Note: I wasn’t in a hurry that day. I watched the woman in front of me scan each item from her cart and place it on the belt. Once the items filled up the belt she moved them to the end. Then she began to bag them. She appeared to be done at the scanner so I walked over and moved the divider line onto the belt to begin scanning my items. She became very flustered and commented in a negative tone, “I’m not done yet!” At the same time she gave me a dirty look and let out a loud sigh.

What Do You Think about in the Grocery Line?

My first thought was that she was rude and inconsiderate because she made me wait while she bagged. She had already paid for her groceries. The divider is there for a purpose! It’s for the next person in-line to begin. Yet I said, “Sorry,” and waited to scan my items.

Despite that I felt a negative, emotional energy surrounding her I moved a little closer, and said, “I’m very sorry, I am not in a hurry and I didn’t intend to make you upset.” She just nodded, barely lifting her head, yet I could see her upturned lips and tears on her cheeks. I again sensed her energy. It wasn’t full of anger; instead it felt like exhaustion. I said,”Is there anything I can do to help?”  She shook her head no and I said please take my card.  When she saw, “Be Gentle with Me, I’m Grieving” written on it a light flashed in her eyes. She muttered, thank you and slowly walked away.

I pondered the entire situation and the thought came to me as it always does that she was grieving deeply. Although, sometimes people are just mean and angry, but I choose not to think of them that way!

So, what did I learn? I believe there is always a take home message for us from our experiences. In this one I learned that people like to have a certain amount of space around them to feel comfortable, especially at the grocery store. The woman in line thought I was invading her space. Perhaps the etiquette is to wait until the person leaves the area. But, if that is what is meant to occur then the dividers should not have been put into place at all. They give mixed messages to the shoppers. 

Do You Get Mixed Signals?

The same holds true in life because we often get mixed signals. Therefore it is important for us to remember to learn how to decipher them. We should ask ourselves, is this signal really true? For me, I have decided that I don’t want to invade anyone’s space at the self-check out line or anywhere else, so I won’t start scanning unless the person ahead of me moves the divider and gives me the go-ahead. Or I will politely ask if they mind that I start to scan my items. People who are going through a rough time often need more space.

These are simple things to do, yet if you begin to become aware of others around you and are sensitive to their space then you can bring peace to yourself and them.

There are many things that happen at the grocery store and my story is just one. I have heard of people meeting, falling in love and marrying. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

In Love and Light,

Robin Chodak

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