Do you know that you have a psychological age? - Robin Chodak

Do you know that you have a psychological age?

A psychological age doesn’t necessarily correlate to your chronological age but it can.

You may wonder why it is important to know this age? As an NLP (Neuro-Linguisic Programming) practitioner and a life coach I find it very useful to know what age a client is operating in.  Thus, it can help me coach them with whatever issue they bring to me.

If you are searching for a deeper understanding of yourself then you may want to know your psychological age.  Most importantly, it can help you evaluate and process any issues that arise in your life.

Listed are the different levels relating to psychological age according to NLP trainings. Note, this is a model of adult development, not child development. It is broad in scope and there are always exceptions.

What Psychological Age Are You?

Level 1 is age 10. The primary concern for people operating at this age is survival. It is the basic need for food, clothing and shelter. They rely on others to help take care of them. Their main goal is to obtain basic necessities in life.

Level 2 is between ages 20-30. The primary concern for them is power and success. Their focus in on careers, money and achievement. Their main goal is to find a significant place in the adult world, compete with others, to win and to succeed.

Level 3 is between ages 30-35. The primary concern for people is this age group is to feel secure and feel a sense of belonging and have social acceptance. Their main goal is to find a significant place in the social world and begin to attend to others.

Level 4 is between ages 35-45. The primary concern for them is a need to know oneself in a deeper way, to become self-aware. They get in touch with their life values. Their main goal is to explore and define their identity.

Level 5 is between the ages 45-65. The primary concern for these people is to fulfill their life purpose. They don’t need approval from others. Their main goal is to engage in their life’s work and any work they find meaningful.

Level 6 is between the ages 55-80. The primary concern for them is self-actualization and to transcend beyond inner conflict and self-doubt. Thus, their main goal is self-acceptance and authenticity in all circumstances.

Are you beyond level 3?psychological age

Most people don’t get beyond level 3 regardless of their chronological age. Therefore, they stay stuck and that is where NLP coaching can help.  If a person gets to level 5 it is usually in a gradual way that unfolds and not something that happens instantly.



Can you determine what level you are functioning in?  If not, take some time and really think about it and be honest. This can be your guide for your own personal growth.

Do you know people who seem to be stuck at a certain level or are you?  They don’t like the situation they are in, yet don’t know how to make changes.  Hence, NLP coaching can help.

An Example:

Here is an example of using this knowledge to access a problem relationship. Kara is not a real client and this is only a hypothetical situation. Kara is fed up with her partner Jim. Therefore, she begins coaching sessions.  He can’t hold a job for very long and doesn’t take her seriously. Kara admits that over the years she has taken care of Jim when he lost his job. He finds another one for a short time, but again looses it. This happens over and over and has for two years. He spends a lot of time with his buddies from high school and most are single. In coaching sessions Kara realizes that Jim has not gotten beyond level 1 even though he is 40 years old.  Kara discovers that she is at level three and has worked beyond the need for power and success. She wants an equal partner in her life. Therefore, Kara states that if Jim doesn’t begin to make changes then consequently the relationship will fail.

In conclusion, I have given you a tidbit of how NLP works and if you are interested in coaching with me please contact me on my website.

Love and Light,

Robin Chodak

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