NLP and Spirituality

NLP and Spirituality.


Does NLP have anything to do with Spirituality? I will let you be the judge.

NLP has been around since the 1970’s. Richard Bandler and John Grinder created it. It stands for (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming). Neuro is for neurological processes, linguisitic for language and programming for behavioral patterns. What it boils down to in simple terms is that we can program our minds with the language we speak, thus changing our behaviors. We all have an internal language that we react to. In fact it is what causes us to run on autopilot and often creates stress in our life.

Is NLP useful?

So why is NLP useful or important? Because we can learn techniques to change the language of our brain to create the outcomes we desire. I have found it to be very useful, in fact I have used it many times in my life but didn’t have a name for it. Since I have always been interested in the study of psychology and the mind I decided to learn about it. My training as a life, grief and spiritual coach led me to become a certified Master NLP practitioner.

NLP techniques usually kicked in when I experienced times of grief. It rose to the forefront and became transformative for me after I witnessed a tragedy. My life changed in one instant when I found my husband dead on our basement floor from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to his head. I immediately fell into a state of shock and thought I would never recover from the loss of my soulmate. In desperate agony, I contemplated ending my life to join him.

NLP Techniques

But the amazing thing is that NLP techniques surfaced in various ways. One was that I used “perceptual positions” which meant I had to put myself in my husband’s position. It helped me understand his incredible pain and paved the way for me to forgive him and let go of my anger. I changed my emotional state to a positive one.

I also had to change the presuppositions I used such as, I would never be happy again, or never find love or success or I was hopeless without my husband.

 In desperation I realized I had to make a choice. I could either stay in the stuck state I was in or choose to start a journey of recovery. My transformation began when the hidden part of my being cried out to my higher power (which I call God), I want to live! Not just exist, but, really live a life filled with joy and purpose. I needed to know the truth. Not the thoughts and ideas that were ingrained in my head since birth from institutions, but a deeper truth of who I was and the meaning of my life. I had to let go of all my previous beliefs that were locked deep inside. I had to create a new identity. In NLP this is called working with logical levels.newborn-spiritual

Sensory Awareness

As I ventured down this new path I removed myself from the TV, media and most people. I took long walks on a desolate beach and this is when my sensory acuity became my guide. I walked for hours crying out to God asking for truth from every fiber of my being. If I wanted the truth I had to throw away all my prior beliefs and start with a clean slate. So I hurled them into the ocean.

Each day that I walked along the seashore my awareness stayed centered on the sand between my toes. Sometimes it felt warm, sometimes cold, sometimes wet. There were times that I stepped on a sharp rock or piece of glass. For hours it was only me and the sand that existed.

Other days I became aware of the wind in the air. Each day was different. Some days it was calm and warm and others it was violent and whipped my hair into a frenzy. I often stepped my feet into the water to feel its coolness. This awakened my kinesthetic sense.

My visual sense was awakened as I watched the waves roll into shore. Sometime they seemed angry and other times calm and serene. During a sunrise or sunset I noticed the many spectrum of colors the sky displayed as if painted just for me. The clouds danced in the air in many forms and hues.

I heard whistles of wind that I had never heard before. All of a sudden birds seemed to join an orchestra and the waves rolled in unison.

Senses stimulated

On certain days I could smell the freshness of the water and others a stench. I could even taste the salt from the ocean mist on my lips. Everything seemed to come alive in a way I had never seen, heard, felt, tasted nor smelled before. Like seeing a movie for the first time.  In NLP this is called utilizing external,  internal, broad and narrow VAK.

My spiritual transformation or enlightenment came about from being in the now with my creator and my awakened senses. The fives senses, (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, smell) are given to all of us by our creator. So I believe that NLP is Spiritual and you can awaken your spiritual nature through the use of senses just as I have done.

I believe we all have these NLP abilities within us, but the problem is we don’t know how to tap into them. They can be learned and that is why people study them and become coaches.

My transformation has led me to find my purpose which is to help others find theirs.

I testify that NLP is spiritual. You be the judge.

Love and Light,

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Robin Chodak

Certified Grief, Life, Spiritual Coach

Certified NLP Master Practitioner


I am a woman on a journey of recovery after the suicide of my husband in 2005. It has been a long voyage, but I was able to create a new identity and find happiness again after much hard work. I hope that I can help you along this path, too.

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