October and grief, What does it mean for you? - Robin Chodak

October and grief, What does it mean for you?


October and grief could be part of your life. The summer has been challenging again due to changes around covid and if you have losses that you are coping with now.  

For me, this summer brought many unexpected challenges.  And September has been a trigger month because of all my losses.  This year was the second death anniversary of my husband Dr. Gerald Chodak.  I also lost a good friend in August and attended two funerals in September. Therefore, now that October has arrived I choose to have a new perspective.  

Another Year of October and grief.

I am proud that I made it through another year!  The importance of preparing for trigger days such as birthdays, anniversaries, death dates, etc is what I have learned and teach my clients.   I did my work and had the day planned out.  It is always a heavy day, but I wanted it to be about Gerry and his life. So, I focused on those things instead of my own sadness.  And interestingly, the day unfolded unexpectedly which in fact was about Gerry.  Unexpected communication from two of his colleagues came to me and I heard wonderful things about him.  Self-care was a must by eating healthy, and getting to sleep early.  I woke up the next day feeling much lighter.  Please don’t misunderstand, these things are not easy, but they can be implemented in your life.

October is here and I have hope for new things to enter. We are in autumn, a beautiful season with many inspirational meanings to embrace.

October begins a season of change and the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change.”  This October reminds us that our bodies, minds, and surroundings are always changing and developing. We realize the impermanence of life as we watch things in nature die. It reminds us to be grateful for what is in our present moment. It teaches us to choose to live in the “now”.

October and grief, it’s a Mystery!

October also reminds us of “mystery “as we watch the leaves change into brilliant colors. It gives us the opportunity to embrace the many mysteries of life.

As we move into October and the upcoming autumn months it’s a time of “preservation.” Many people in cold climates prepare their bodies by wearing warmer clothes. They go into a type of “hibernation” mode such as animals do in nature.  This allows time for self-reflection and growth for the next season.

October is also a metaphor for letting go, just as the trees must let go of their colorful leaves. It’s a time to reflect and ask yourself, “What do I want to let go of that is not moving me forward or is making me unhappy?”

Also ask, “What do I want to nourish in my life this season starting now in October?”

Answer those questions and choose “good” for your life.

I choose to allow October to be a month of experiencing all its beautiful gifts. It offers us color changes in nature, the difference in how the air feels and all the fall smells such as burning wood, apple ciders and fresh baked pumpkin pies.



Therefore, this October, I choose to allow good to come into my life.  I hope that you do too!

P.S. I know for some of you October is your trigger month, so I offer you to think about putting a practice in place that will make the days easier for you.  You will never forget your loved one. But you can learn to live and love your life once again.

It is possible and you deserve it.

I have openings for a few more clients, therefore if you would like grief-coaching, fill out this form and a scheduling link will be sent.

P.S. I know some of you have been on your journey for some time and are now in a position where you would like to give back and help others.  You can do this with my training to become a grief coach.  Learn more here and fill out an application to get started. 

Love and Light,


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I am a woman on a journey of recovery after the suicide of my husband in 2005. It has been a long voyage, but I was able to create a new identity and find happiness again after much hard work. I hope that I can help you along this path, too.

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