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Words ~ What is Kotodama?

Did you know that water responds to words?  It is a Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names. The word for it is Kotodama.   It means “spirit of words”.  The significance of Kotodama is that words are alive and have the power to create.  Dr. Emoto proved it and it was a pivotal moment for me when I realized that if water is affected by words, then certainly our bodies are as well since we are made up of approximately 70 percent of it.  That was a huge revelation for me because the words I spoke to the universe and myself were not those of affirmations, instead they were filled with pain, negativity and no hope after my husband died by suicide in 2005. I was in deep mental anguish and was searching for any kind of relief.  Have you felt that way too?

Mysteriously, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book called “The Hidden Messages in Water,” came to me in my time of need. His photographs of crystal images and the reason how they formed changed my life.  What he discovered was that positive, affirming, uplifting words spoken near the water, such as: “Thank you, Love, Joy,created beautiful crystal images and he captured them in photographs.  He also discovered that negative words such as, “I hate you”, or  you make me sick,” also changed the water.  But not in a positive way, those words created distorted incomplete images that he also captured in pictures.  He did this many times over, thus proving the significance of water responding to words.

Words, I had nothing to loose!

So I began each day saying positive words out loud in my home such as; “I am Love” or “I am Happy” or “Good is mine”.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t feel any of those things because I believed as the Japanese did.  Therefore I continued to say them.  And guess what? I began to change.  My life situation also began to change because the energy in and around me was changing.  My cells were absorbing and responding to the words that I spoke.  I did it consistently everyday and realized that I had created a habit without knowing it.  Studies show the repetition of anything at least 21 days can create a habit. I had just created a good one for myself and it continues to this day.

For some of you this may sound airy-fairy, but it’s not.  I challenge you to learn about “Kotodama” and read Dr. Emoto’s book.  For others, this is exactly what you need to create positive change in your life.  This practice is not an escape from processing your grief.  I teach that you must take grief by the hand and make it your friend. It will become your greatest teacher.  You must feel your feelings and not skip that step on your recovery journey.  What I am talking about is creating a practice in your life that is positive. 

It’s simple!

You can begin today with this simple practice.  Stop now and say with me out loud, “I am Love”.  Did you feel the energy in those words when you said them?  You can also say them in front of a mirror, which may create a stronger vibration for you.  Regardless, the words carry energy and have power.

The words you speak out loud will be different than mine. It doesn’t matter as long as they are positive and move you forward.

I wish you much success and remember to do them for at least 21 days!

Love and Light,


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I am a woman on a journey of recovery after the suicide of my husband in 2005. It has been a long voyage, but I was able to create a new identity and find happiness again after much hard work. I hope that I can help you along this path, too.

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