What is a White Stone Ceremony and can it give you a message?

What is a White Stone Ceremony?


A white stone ceremony is a place for people to come together and do a meditation. It’s a time to listen to the voice of spirit or your higher power or inner-self.  I personally call this source GOD! During the meditation you are instructed to write the word that comes to your mind on your stone. You don’t force the word or use your logical brain; instead you listen to spirit for it. This ceremony typically takes place in January at the beginning of every year to symbolize new beginnings. I have done the ceremony many times, therefore I know the meaning of the word or words written on my stone are revealed to me throughout the year. They are words that hold great significance and always lead me to my highest good.

What is the meaning of words on a white stone?

In 2017 I had two words. The first word that came to me was, “excellence” and I wrote it.

It was a word that filled me with great pleasure! But, that was not the end.

Another word came and I obediently wrote, “moving”. The meaning of the word didn’t make sense at the time and jokingly I said to my husband when I arrived home that we may be moving.

Experience has taught me not to be too hasty or literal so I didn’t start packing my bags, put my condo on the market and search for a new one, although, if I was instructed to do so I would certainly comply. I no longer ignore the guidance of spirit.

I knew the words on my stone would get revealed at the right time and they certainly did! They became the title of my latest book, “Moving to Excellence, A Pathway to Transformation after Grief.”  I talk about the white stone ceremony in my book and that may be the reason you found this blog.  I also do a white stone ceremony in my teaching videos. 

The white stone ceremony has been passed down over the years and it is very symbolic of new beginnings. The meaning of the white stone originated from the time of Jesus. Roman citizens received white stones to show their identification to Rome. The stone was taken away from any person who became imprisoned. If he escaped prison and was caught without a stone, he went back to prison and it could possibly mean death for him.  But if the prisoner was released he was given a white stone and it signified his freedom.

A white stone can symbolize your freedom!

Symbolically a white stone ceremony can signify your freedom from some type of bondage. Have you found yourself in bondage and unable to move forward because of your grief experience?

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I believe participating in a white stone ceremony after the loss of a loved one can be very helpful, particularity because it symbolizes identity. If you suffered grief as I have than you know that your identity has changed.  After loss it’s important to create a new one for yourself.

A white stone ceremony can be a pathway for you to do so. When you listen to spirit and ask for a word it will be revealed. As you begin to listen to your inner spirit this will guide you to your highest good.

You can listen to a recording of my white stone ceremony here!

Please feel free to share your word and your experience regarding the white stone on my website! I would love to hear about it and I am sure others would as well. 

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Robin Chodak

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I am a woman on a journey of recovery after the suicide of my husband in 2005. It has been a long voyage, but I was able to create a new identity and find happiness again after much hard work. I hope that I can help you along this path, too.

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