My Passion for Tango that Saved My Life

Tango was instrumental in breathing life back into me!

In fact, it saved my life!

Before Steve died, I was a west coast swing dancer. After he died, I didn't have any interest in dancing or doing anything else pleasurable. I thought that I had become passionless.

But as I started my journey of recovery I realized that I still had some passion left in me. The most amazing thing is that I discovered a new one--and that was Tango!

Robin Chodak Suicide Survivor

I will dance Tango as long as I can walk! I met my new husband doing Tango and we will Tango together forever as long as we both shall live!

Whatever your passion is, don't give up on it. Indeed, it might be what saves you when you're in your darkest moments. For me it was the Tango, but find that spark inside of you and let it light your passion on fire!​

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