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Facebook and Grief

Facebook and grief, an interesting thought !When Facebook started in 2004 I was very hesitant to have any part of it.  I worked in the IT world and knew the power it held.  I told my family and friends that it would change the way we interact and put a negative spin on relationship building.  […]

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NLP and Spirituality.


Does NLP have anything to do with Spirituality? I will let you be the judge. NLP has been around since the 1970’s. Richard Bandler and John Grinder created it. It stands for (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming). Neuro is for neurological processes, linguisitic for language and programming for behavioral patterns. What it boils down to in simple terms […]

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A Dance through Grief

  Finding My Way Back to Life is Like Tango Gerry and I met tango dancing and we became avid dancers.  We had a passion for each other and for the dance.   As tango goes….at first, you think you can’t do it.  You try a few times and it seems too hard, therefore you want to […]

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Suicides again? Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain

suicides Kate spade

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicides in the U.S. have been on the rise since 1999  with more than 45,000 in 2016.   The recent suicides of celebrities shocked our nation.   Kate Spade the 55-year old American fashion designer died June 5 and Anthony Bourdain, the American celebrity chef and travel documentarian […]

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